15. February 2022
Justin Unloads it All About our Carts
Each year in our little community, the FFA Alumni (specifically a small group of special people) put together an AMAZING display of tractors on parade!
26. June 2017
4-Wheelers and Horse. Corn and calves.
30. May 2017
Farm Fans Triple Stack Grain Dryer Click photo for Craigslist listing FFI CMS-4263 Vision N2 Control AC Meter Drive with VFD Grain inverters 8' Trash pan 4' Auger extension Watch Dog Software Outside catwalk on top 2 modules Full heat 5 pts 3,960 bph, Full heat 10 pts 2,460 bph EXTREMELY CLEAN and EXCELLENT condition paid twice as much for this new in 2013 $140,000 Also Selling GSI/DMC 6' Air Transfer System 3-480 volt blower, air lock, control panel 75 hp motor and drive package 1 hp. air lock...
15. May 2017
Yesterday, as our family was all together celebrating Mother's Day, the kids went on a search for the baby kittens born on the farm this spring. We have located three litters so far. You never can tell how many may be around the farm, we were expecting two and were surprised when we found what we thought was a wild barn TOM CAT, had a litter of four kittens in the seed shed. When I say wild barn cat, that's what I mean. Wild. No can touch. Not at all. So I guess we assumed wrong on that one!...
15. May 2017
We love to have visitors on the farm. These guys came today for a look at our operation and quick lesson on the high speed planter and we are so glad they did!
08. May 2017
We had more rain over the weekend, but just for a bit. Also had a quick shower midmorning today. We are hoping the big rains are behind us now though. This photo is of the drudge ditch to the north of the home farm, but is indicative of the rainfall we received on all of our farms. You can see that the ditch is out of it's banks and flowing fast, so it's doing it's job! This photo was taken Saturday morning and there has been much improvement of the water situation as of today. Two separate...
28. April 2017
Passion in youth exemplified by an oink.
28. April 2017
These are soybeans. Soybeans are not blue/green. They are yellow/brown, but these are treated with fungicide and insecticide, and that makes them more than just kind of pretty. Though we are not in favor of using unneeded chemicals and treatments on our crops for multiple reasons, (I should write a post or two just on that hot topic) this treatment protects the seedling from soilborne diseases such as Fusarium, Phomopsis, Phytophthora, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia. Soilborne diseases are caused by...
28. April 2017
God is great.
25. April 2017
Ag is changing. Farming is changing. We are changing. Take a look into some of the adaptations we are making during planting time and a little "how we do it."

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