Seed Treatment

These are soybeans.  Soybeans are not blue/green.  They are yellow/brown, but these are treated with fungicide and insecticide, and that makes them more than just kind of pretty.


Though we are not in favor of using unneeded chemicals and treatments on our crops for multiple reasons,  (I should write a post or two just on that hot topic) this treatment protects the seedling from soilborne diseases such as Fusarium, Phomopsis, Phytophthora, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia. Soilborne diseases are caused by fungi that cause rot on young seeds, roots and stems.  When the beans are only seedlings, they are susceptible to many diseases just like baby humans or kittens are susceptible to diseases when they are small.  For baby creatures we always take the utmost care to protect them and our baby soybean seedlings are no different.  



We are finding the yield difference is significant when the treatment is applied to the soybean seeds before planting and outweighs the cost associated with treatment.  More and more people are planting treated soybean seed these days.  Just look at those seed tenders or bags that are being loaded into the planters.  


seed treatment, soybeans
treated soybeans

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