Our Heritage

Farming Illinois Since 1902

Lloyd Clausen
Lloyd Clausen
Heritage Family Farms is a fifth-generation farm dating back to 1902. Jerelyn (Clausen) Green's great-grandfather began the farming operation, and the farm was passed down and expanded by Jerelyn's grandfather Paul Clausen and then her father Lloyd Clausen.
Lloyd Clausen is Jerelyn's father and Justin and Cory's grandpa. He was the second generation to live on and farm our original home farm. He was born in the house that is located on the farm, this is where he raised his two children and instilled in them the love of the land.

Jerelyn married Mike Green and in 1970 a partnership was formed between Lloyd Clausen and Mike Green named Clausen & Green Farms. At that time, the operation consisted of 2,200 acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and 250 feeder cattle.

Mike and Jerelyn's sons, Cory and Justin were born during these years and grew up working on the farm from the time they could follow their Dad around. In the early 1980's Lloyd and Mike elected to discontinue the cattle operation and concentrated their efforts and resources on row crop farming. Lloyd passed away in 1993 and Mike continued the partnership with Lloyd's widow Dorothy Clausen.


In 1998 we established a trucking company as a sideline business. The trucking company was called Clausen & Green Farms, Inc. We no longer use the trucks for over-the-road hauls, but the semis are used for farm use and hauling grain.


Currently, Mike and Jerelyn operate the farm with both of their sons and daughter-in-law Monica. The name Clausen and Green Farms was changed to Heritage Family Farms in 2008 to include all of the members of the Green Family. Each person in the family holds responsibilities for the operations of the farm today.