Who doesn't love a puppy?

These are our little pups.  They were born on 2/22/22!  We thought they would be special pups, with THAT BIRTHDATE, know they will be!  They will be ready for their forever homes on April 19th.


Some of them are spoken for and we will be updating that information soon, after puppy picking happens!  But for now, enjoy their tiny mug shots.  Sidenote: picturing puppies isn't an easy job!


We are taking deposits of $250 which comes off of the final price of $1,900 at puppy pick-up day!  Please email us at monicagreen.green19@gmail.com to make payment arrangements such as cash, check, paypal or venmo! 


Our girls are both spoken for, but we do have boy choices available!



Colt-Red Collar Male

Colt is a happy and active little guy!  He is not afraid to explore his surroundings, and intereact with anything and anyone around!  He is a friendly and outgoing little guy!

Charlene-Green Collar Female

Adopted to IL

Junie is a charmer, always up for snuggles and those eyes look right at your heart!

Junie-Pink Collar Female

Adopted to FL

Oh my goodness this little sweetheart is almost riduculously cute.  She steals every heart in the room.  She is just sweet and docile through and through.

Charlie-Blue Collar Male adopted to Il

Nash is a playful guy but is always up for snuggles too.  He loves to be held and he has his mama's puppy dog eyes!  He is a little more curly maybe than some of his littermates.

Teddy-Grey Collar Male Adopted to IL

Wylie is one of the sweethearts of the littler.  He is a little lighter and has some white on his head and chest.  This makes him stand out from the rest, but his personality is arguably the sweetest.

MOOSE-Orange Collar Male ADOPTED to AZ

Zane's personality would be a good fit for almost any cavapoo family.  He is petite and that FACE!!

Stevie-Black Collar Male Adopted to IL

Stevie is a little brute.  Docile and sweet, but is definately a playful little guy!

Grady-Yellow Collar Male Adopted to IL

Willie is sweet, playful and a true charmer.  He is one of the more laid back males in the litter and his face is petite and again...sweet!