Our Family

Five Generations of Farming

Mike and Jerelyn

These two are the  heart and soul of our operation.  We wouldn't be here without the devotion, keen business sense and hard work of these two.  Mike and Jerelyn are the fourth generation to run Heritage Family Farms and they are both still very active in the farm today.
Mike Green brings knowledge and experience developed over his nearly forty-year career in the farming industry. He holds a B.S. in Marketing from Eastern Illinois University earned in 1970. He has served on many boards and committees related to agriculture and has traveled abroad many times, including a trip to Mexico to educate himself and others on the current status of global agriculture. He is the Drainage Commissioner for Moultrie County.  Mike and Jerelyn have two sons; Cory and Justin.      
 Jerelyn Green graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a B.S. in Education in 1970. She is a dedicated account manager and record keeper for the farm and its subsidiaries. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her ability to complete tasks is commendable. She, too, has served on several committees and boards related to agriculture. Additionally, Jerelyn volunteers her time to her church through service on the Decorating Committee and Worship Committee.

Cory & Maddie

Cory Green brings accounting and fiscal knowledge to the farming operation. Cory graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in finance. He is very organized and strives for efficiency in marketing and record-keeping for individual land owners. Cory is responsible for day-to-day management issues related to Heritage Family Farms. Cory is a graduating member of the Cultivating Master Farmers and TPAP and currently a member of APEX. He serves on the Illini FS Operating Board. Cory has one beautiful daugher, Maddie.




Justin, Monica,Makenna, Jace & Beau

Justin's life-long desire has always been to be part of the farming operation. In 1996 after graduating early from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Agri-Business, Justin became a partner in the operation.
Justin's interest in technology and knowledge of agri-business keeps us abreast of the latest innovations in farming practices. He keeps extensive and accurate records for each field from the time the crop is planted until the time it is harvested. Justin's innate ability to problem-solve maintenance issues with equipment allows Heritage Family Farms' equipment to function at maximum efficiency. Justin served on the Illinois Farm Bureau State Young Leaders Committee and is a past president of the Young Leaders Committee.
Justin is a drainage commissioner for a rural township and serves on the local Ag Center board. He was just elected to the Douglas County Farm Bureau Board of Directors and graduated in the 2012 class of the Illinois Ag Leadership Foundation. Justin has also served on various committees for his church.
Monica holds an M.S. in Speech/Language Pathology from Illinois State University which was earned in 1999. Monica has held many leadership roles at United Methodist Church Committee and has been a youth group leader for over 13 years. Monica is currently serving on the CUSD 305 Board of Education, holds leadership roles in Boy Scouts of America Troop 74 and is a leader for the Atwood Hammond Prairie Dogs 4-H Club. Monica is the office manager at the farm.
Justin and Monica have three children, Makenna, Jace and Beau.


Dorothy Clausen and  Lloyd Clausen lived on and operated the family farm for nearly 40 years. Lloyd's father founded our farm back in 1902.


Dorothy is the mother of Jerelyn Green and is passionate about our family's farm and the farming way of life. She is still active in the happenings of the farm.