Risk Management

An Essential Component of Farming Operations

Because we at Heritage Family Farms know that risk management is an essential component to a viable farming operation, we utilize on-farm grain storage to take advantage of key market timing issues. We also utilize professional marketing services to advise us on marketing strategies that will increase profitability. The managerial accounting software that we use allows us to monitor the input costs and revenues generated field by field, giving us detailed information that allows us to make viable financial decisions.


Crop Management

Great care is taken of our crop throughout the growing season. Constant monitoring of the corn and soybeans is done to prevent, detect and treat any disease or pest issues. Also weed management is a high priority on our list!



Many forms of technology are utilized on our farm. We grid soil sample all of our farms using 2.5 acre hex- grids and utilize that information with our Variable Rate Technology (VRT). VRT is used for application of fertilizer and nitrogen which are imperative to our land stewardship and crop management practices. We also use John Deere Auto Steer in all our equipment to minimize overlap of planting and harvesting of the crop as well as keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. When paired with I-Tech Pro, we are able to maintain this efficiency throughout the end rows and turning cycle. Both technologies automate steering of our tractors and implements which also reduces operator fatigue. Section control is another form of technology used on our planters, sprayers, and applicators to eliminate overlap of seed and chemical application, keeping environmental, cropping and financial resources in check.



At Heritage Family Farms, our family treats all our land as if it were our own. We value all of our farmland and strive to leave it in a better condition than when we started with it. We are mindful that our land needs to be handled in such a way that it will produce quality crops for many generations. With this in mind, we utilize technology to apply fertilizer and nitrogen at a varied rate to build areas that are low and to not over apply in areas that are high. We also work closely with drainage experts to ensure that our land is properly drained, and we strategically build waterways in order to minimize erosion. It is also imperative to Heritage Family Farms to minimize erosion and run-off along drainage ditches. Due to this, we have built filter strips along drainage ditches, which also provides habitat for area wildlife.