How did we get here.....?

Our family has had many dogs and animals around our farm over the years. Horses, pigs and of course dogs!  We wanted to give our kids the experience for having a litter of pups. Our oldest daughter got to work researching breeds and breeding techniques, genetics and best practices. She landed on the breed cavapoo! Read about this special breed here.

Our Little Fancy Pants

Fancy came into the family after all of this reasearch and we searched nationwide, luckily our little Fancy Pants was born just a few months earlier close to our home! She has been the apple of Makenna's eye ever since!  


When Makenna went off to college, Fancy went to visit often and missed her while she was gone with her livestock judging team trips across the US.  


When it was time to breed, sad story, Makenna was in college 8 hours away! So mom and dad helped out! Her brothers are loving the process too!

Her litters have a special spot in our home where we work with them daily to make them great pets for you. We work on early stimulation to help problem solve, we also introduce household noises and textures to help them transition as well!


"But it looked good to Charlene, in John Deere Green...." We are pretty strongly John Deere here on the farm so Charlene seemed pretty fitting for our little lady.  


Introducing Charlene, "Charlie" our F1 Mini Cavapoo. Charlie was handpicked out of Fancy and Chief's 2/22/22 litter to stay in our family and have a litter of her own! F1b Cavapoos are a great part of our program. She lives at Grandma and Grandpa's house and enjoys all things about farm life including her own sibling, the barn cat, Spot Jr.

Piper June

Piper June was selected out of Fancy and Thunder's 1st litter to stay in our breeding program. Piper lives in her guardian home on another farm with her sister Roxie. 



Piper is one of the sweetest dogs to come out of our program. Her demeanor is cuddly, sweet, and oh-so fun! She is a serial lap sitter. Hold a treat in front of her and she will do flips!



Willy Nelson AKA Waffles is our very own AKC Registered Mini Poodle stud! He is the sire of several Heritage Litters.



Waffles is one of the SMARTEST, most easily-trainable dogs we have ever owned. His genetic profile is clean and offers the makings of healthy, beautiful pups for litters to come. Keep your eyes peeled for the color he may bring to our red girls!

The Future....

We have learned and continue to learn so much about breeding and raising quality family-raised puppies! We are absolutely LOVING IT! Looks like as long as we have people wanting to adopt quality home-raised cavapoos, we will keep caring for them. It is our mission to only place puppies in loving homes who are seeking a quality, healthy and happy puppy!