Our Staff

Essential to Our Farms

Lamar Miller

Jamin Nikkel

Lamar has worked from our farm for several years.  He and his family live in rural Arthur where they enjoy all things farming and tractors. Lamar can be found doing about any task on the farm but excels at detailed work and maintiance on equipement and bin sites.  If the jobs needs to be done right, Lamar is the the man for the job. 

Jamin was new to production agriculture when he started here on our farm, but he has quickly learned to love it! Jamin takes part in all facists of operating equipment from spraying, tiling, combining, and driving a semi. We can always count on Jamin to share his photography skills as well! When asked, Jamin's favorite job is sidedressing corn in the late spring/early summer. He loves watching the young plants turn dark green and grow. Jamins enthusiasm and team spirit certainly do not go unnoticed! 

Seth Jeffers

Eugene Edwards

Seth has been part of the HFF team for several years. He currently resides in Tuscola with his wonderful wife and their 4 kids. Seth is plays a vital role in getting our grain hauled throughout the year! We are lucky to have a guy who loves trucking as much as Seth does!

Eugene Edwards is an Oakland native where he lives this his wife and children. Eugene has years of experience operating equipment as a custom applicator making him an asset when it comes to operating equipment. His favorite time of year is harvest!