Our Staff

Essential to Our Farms

andy wulff

Andy Wulff joined our team full time right before harvest of 2015.  He drives a semi in the fall for harvest and then hauls grain throughout the winter when he is not busy doing any number of other duties on the farm.  He and his wife reside in Lovington where they  are raising their two young kiddos.



Sam Foster

Sam Foster is a full-timer here on the farm. He is a Tuscola native that worked in the horse training business before joining Heritage Family Farms in 2011.  Sam is a backhoe operator when we are tiling as well a truck driver, auger wagon operator and planter man! Sam makes a great addition to our crew!

Lamar Miller

Lamar has worked from our farm for several years.  He and his family live in rural Arthur where they enjoy all things farming and tractors.  Lamar can be found doing about any task on the farm but excels at detailed work.  If the jobs needs to be done right, Lamar is the the man for the job. 

Steve Yoder

Steve Yoder grew up just up the road from the farm, but he has been hauling officially for the farm for a couple of years.  He is a natural in the semi and we are so glad to have him on our team! 


Rusty Yantis

Rusty joined our team in the fall of 16 between his full time job at the prison and another part-time job.  He filled in a few times and it was much appreciated.  He decided to join us full time after the first of the year and has made a nice addition to our team.  Rusty always has a smile on his face and something kind (or usually, very funny) to say!  He and his wife reside in Tuscola with their two young daughters!

Justin Sunkel

Justin Sunkel joined our crew in the spring of  2017.  He is a farm boy with truck driving experience and we are glad to have him join our crew.  He lives with his wife and two little kiddos over towards Paris, IL.