Mama Doesn't Always Know Best

Yesterday, as our family was all together celebrating Mother's Day, the kids went on a search for the baby kittens born on the farm this spring.  We have located three litters so far.  You never can tell how many may be around the farm, we were expecting two and were surprised when we found what we thought was a wild barn TOM CAT, had a litter of four kittens in the seed shed.  When I say wild barn cat, that's what I mean. Wild.  No can touch.  Not at all.  So I guess we assumed wrong on that one!


Those babies stayed in the seed shed for a week or more in a box full of empty seed sacks.  Apparently the commotion in there lately forced her to move them to a big drum also in the seed shed that is more out of the way.  When we couldn't find her in that spot on Sunday we began to worry a little.  Usually worrying about barn cats is silly because they are SMART and take care of themselves and their babies.  They are survivors.  Street smart felines!  


Today we heard some kitten cries and upon further investigation realized she had moved them to the bed of  THE SERVICE TRUCK. Um, that won't work!!  Luckily, she was not in there with them (remember the wild part, hissing, showing teeth, throwing claws) so I donned my work gloves and dove in under that big tank there in the back of the truck. I wasn't sure if I was in for a hissing and scratching session from the four babies or not.  Luckily they were pretty docile!  They are now safely back in the seed shed in the barrel where they had been before.


 I hope that this other mama cat seen walking away from the truck tells her friend where I moved her babies.  I'm not worried.  Barn cats are street smart.  Those babies will be fine!  Life on the farm...

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