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27. July 2016
What do farmers do in the summer? Well, I'll spare you the mowing, scouting, bean walking part for today. Today I will tell you what Mike and Jerelyn did last week.
07. July 2016
Have you noticed the crop dusters in the sky lately? It just never gets old seeing those yellow planes take the air and buzz over the farm. We usually all rush out to see them and maybe catch a good photo when they are SUPER CLOSE over our heads. These guys are spraying fungicide on the corn. The corn is too tall for tractors or sprayers to apply anything onto it, so we have to take to the sky. If we didn't apply the fungicide to the corn, the corn is very susceptible to all kinds of conditions...
20. May 2015
Most adults in our part of the world, that are over 40 years old, will have memories of walking beans as a kid. Memories, mostly fond memories of the hard work; hot , itchy, wet, hard work. These same adults would not likely sign up to spend a summer walking beans again, but they are VERY EAGER to sign their children up to do just that. Last year (2014) for the first time in a very long time, we had a field of soybeans that needed the extra attention that only multiples pairs of bare hands,...