It's Creeping up on US

It's Creeping Up On Us

Spring is definitely in the air, sort of.  It has been cool and overcast this weekend.  We received a little rain here at the home farm, but could use a little more to get the soil in better condition for planting.  Putting seed in the ground isn't on our agenda for this week. 


The guys have been busy switching over planters to another high speed planter.  I would like to do a post just on that topic soon.  These planters help us to speed up the efficiency and efficacy of planting by two-fold along with other benefits.  Other shop activities have included a clean up morning, just tidying up from the winter.  More of that activity could be used, but we are saving it for a rainy day...literally!  


Though typically we apply anhydrous in the fall, we had some new fields that needed some nitrogen applied this spring as well as some ground work completed.  On new farms, also, we like to do any cleaning up of fence rows and brush that will improve farming practices as well as help out landowners.  We have had a fair amount of this type of work this winter and spring as we are also working around some interesting waterways and the challenges and blessings those bring.  


Be watching out for our guys to go on a full blown "ROCK TOUR!"  We have rocks marked on many of the farms that surfaced from the fall work and we will be sending a truck around to gather those up in order to keep the planter from hitting them.  Another great blog post to follow about this epic Rock Tour to come.


Seed has begun to arrive on the farm.  We have a cold storage shed where it is all housed.  It is Cory's job to inventory and dispatch seed during planting season.  He gets very familiar with the seed tender and the fork lift in the spring months.  

Thankfully we have hired our new staff additions and we are gearing up for a great spring #plant2017.  Follow along on social media for updates!

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