Cookies N Cream

Cookies N Cream

Last week the slightly frozen ground was dusted with a light coating of snow resembling cookies and cream! This was just the recipe we needed for installing drainage tile.  Each winter we install hundreds of thousands of feet of tile in the fields we farm.  Tiling is a vital part of our land stewardship plan for our farms. 


According to Don Hofstrand,  a retired extension value added agricultural specialist from Iowa State University, in an article he wrote entitled "Understanding the Economics of Drainage," 10 advantages of installing drainage tile include:

1. More consistent yields.

2. Earlier and more timely planting.

3. Improved harvesting conditions.

4. Less wear and tear on equipment.

5. Less power required for field operations.

6. Better plant stand

7. Less plant stress.

8. Fewer plant diseases.

9. Less soil compaction.

10. Increase sale value of the land.

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