Check the clock

Check the Clock

For the last few summers we have allowed our 3 oldest kids to work on the farm.  A few of our goals were:

To keep them busy.

To give them structure in their days.

To have them with us.

To teach them what hard work looks like.

To show them some of the ins and outs of the family farm.

To work with their moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, siblings and cousins. 

To hopefully build a love for agriculture and our farm that will someday be entrusted to them. 

And last but not least to give them a little spending money and some to bank in their savings accounts. 


They have done all kinds of tasks from entering data into the computer, to mowing, walking beans and even cleaning. Some jobs they love and some they hate.  That's just like the real world!  It has also been fun to watch the cousins interact while completing what may seem to be not so fun jobs like washing the windows in the shop or problem solving a wood working issue.  


Yesterday, the youngest guy wanted his own number to punch into the time clock.  What kind of number would a 6 year old be able to remember.... #66.  That's his code and he couldn't be happier to be like all the big kids and the guys in the shop.  


Yesterday he only asked 46,890 times when he was going to be paid.  He needs the money.  He needs it in a bad way!  We established that pay day would from here on out be on Fridays.  Don't ask until THE END OF THE DAY FRIDAY!  That seemed to have satisfied him.  


I caught him clocking in today and had to share.  He can't reach the time clock very  well. And his work boots really seal the deal.


Ignore the toilet in the background, but he rode his bike to work today and I wanted to capture his parking spot.  Right in front of the office door. Boom. Right there.  


Today, he restocked toilet paper, reorganized the towel cabinet, carried furniture, cleaned a little, helped carry stuff and entertained us. ALL. DAY. LONG! 


I hope this photo entertains and makes you smile just a fraction of what #66 made us all smile today.  




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